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BRACE - Birth Relative-Adoptee Correlation Evaluation

BRACE is a confidential web-based search system that pulls data from two main databases - BaoBei Hui Jia and HaiWai XunZi. It actively compares demographic, finding, and physical information from not only adoptees, but also birth families in China who are searching. We are very excited to exclusively partner with BaoBei Hui Jia - the largest birth family search charity in China and HaiWai XunZi which collects information from birth families who relinquished their children. With these two databases, MyTaproot hopes to enable an all-encompassing birth family search.

BRACE has been carefully designed to protect your personally identifying information and does not share any contact information (name, address, phone, email, etc.) until a high-potential match has been confirmed and both adoptive family and birth family have given explicit consent.

The Greenhouse - A Community Connection

The Greenhouse is a space unlike any other, a community forum that allows our members to confidentially connect with other searching adoptees and families and support each other during their journey.

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MapRoot - A Visual Guide to Your Community

MapRoot provides a visualization of adoptees currently searching for their birth roots. Members have the opportunity to place a pin on their finding location and are able to share information about their personal stories. These pins will enable others who might share similar stories to find each other!

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DNA - An Important Collaboration

MyTaproot's DNA testing process is specifically adapted to work seamlessly with China's DNA testing processes. With DNA analysis reports that are legal and compatible with China, MyTaproot is uniquely positioned to provide immediate and secure results that you can trust.

All DNA reports generated by our DNA partner are anonymized and aggregated by MyTaproot before they are shared with our lab partners in China.

Clinical Support - A Guided Journey

MyTaproot’s priority is to provide a search process that educates and supports the adoptee’s unique emotional needs. Upon registration, you will be provided with continued clinical support that culminates in dedicated support from MyTaproot clinical staff at the time of match.

If a match is verified and a reunion is desired, MyTaproot will arrange for travel and provide the opportunity for members to bring a Birth Search Coach to support the unique emotional needs of both parties.