Important Information for Chinese Adoptees using MyTaproot:

We want to welcome you into the heart of MyTaproot.  Our core mission is to support Chinese adoptees in their personal journey to figure out if they want to search for their birth family or not.  For some of us, this will be a private journey, where we need to work things out on our own, and seek support from just a few trusted confidants.  For others, a journey like this needs to be processed with lots of dialogue within supportive networks where we can bounce ideas off each other and learn from the experiences of others that have gone before us.

Every last one of us is going to approach this journey in our own unique way but there are a few common threads that we can all hold on to.

While Chinese birth family search is in its infancy as an evolving field of work, we can already see logical emotional stages emerge in the journeys of those adoptees on the leading edge of this phenomenom.

Having carefully studied the current state of Chinese birth family search, MyTaproot finds that Chinese adoptees from the teenage years and beyond typically fall into one of the following scenarios:

No matter what stage an Adoptee might themselves in though, MyTaproot stands ready to respect and support the journey with our highly skilled staff.  We encourage adoptees and their families to check out the other support services available through MyTaproot.