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Register for your secure MyTaproot account and gain immediate access to MyTaproot’s BRACE system and support community; including our clinical team, the Greenhouse forum, MapRoot, and therapist referral network.

Once you submit your questionnaire, your data will be carefully translated, anonymized, and shared with BaoBei and HaiWai XunZi China databases to immediately start searching for you.

If a high-potential match is identified through BRACE or DNA analysis, members will be notified with their match information immediately.



You can add a DNA analysis to your MyTaproot search for a one-time payment of $70, paid directly to our DNA partner.

Upon upload of your DNA report, your DNA will be anonymized by MyTaproot and our DNA partners in China will process and analyze your DNA against their birth relative databases.

Please note that a DNA analysis is optional.



Once a birth family match is confirmed, members will receive a dedicated follow-up phone call from MyTaproot clinical staff following match confirmation. If members wish to use MyTaproot's additional match support services to connect, MyTaproot will provide translation and communication coordination between the member and your birth relative on a fee-for-service basis.

Please see our fee schedule for more information.



If a Discovery Trip to meet your birth family is desired, MyTaproot will coordinate all travel services for a fee to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

A Donor-Funded Project

Thanks to a generous endowment, MyTaproot membership is currently offered free of charge. We believe that Birth Family Search should be supportive, transparent, accessible, and secure for all adoptees who choose to search. Please consider donating today to help us fulfill our mission.

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