Thanks to a generous endowment, MyTaproot membership is currently offered free of charge. We believe that birth family search should be supportive, transparent, accessible, and secure for all adoptees who choose to search.

If a high-potential match is identified, members will be notified with their match information immediately. If members desire to pursue DNA match confirmation, members will need to obtain a DNA report (if not already completed). In some cases, members may be responsible for birth family DNA testing.

If a match is confirmed and the member wishes to utilize MyTaproot's match support services, MyTaproot will provide translation and communication coordination between the member and your birth relative on a fee-for-service basis.

If a Discovery trip is desired, MyTaproot will coordinate all travel services for an additional fee to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For more information regarding MyTaproot’s process and costs, please visit How It Works.

Though we wish that we could provide our services free of charge, a coordinated effort of this scale requires financial support. MyTaproot’s DNA partnerships in China, our translation services, clinical staff, and website support all require funding. MyTaproot is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit and has worked diligently and thoughtfully to create an accessible fee structure that covers only necessary expenses without compromising quality of service.

Your MyTaproot Membership provides:

  • Complete anonymization of your BRACE questionnaire before submitting to China’s BaoBei and HaiWai XunZi search databases to ensure your security and privacy
  • Careful and complete translation of your BRACE questionnaire to ensure the accurate input of your search information
  • Anonymization and aggregation of your DNA report to ensure the confidentiality of your genetic information
  • Submission of your anonymized DNA report to our lab partners in China
  • Access to our support community, including our clinical team, the Greenhouse forum, MapRoot, and therapist referral network

MyTaproot will carefully analyze and screen potential birth families before presenting a high-potential match to a member. Members retain control of their journey and can choose to move forward or not.

We understand that the decision to pursue a Birth Family Search can be emotionally taxing and one that requires a lot of trust. The Greenhouse adoptees forum is a safe and secure place specifically built for adoptees to connect with each other and share their stories. MyTaproot also provides a focused, recommended list of adoption therapists for adoptees to work with, if desired.

MyTaproot’s priority is to provide a search process that educates and supports the adoptee’s unique emotional needs. Upon registration, you will be provided with continued clinical support that culminates in dedicated support from MyTaproot clinical staff at the time of match.

Undertaking a Birth Family Search can be an emotionally taxing decision that takes a lot of trust from not only adoptees but adoptive parents, siblings, and other adoptive relatives as well. The Greenhouse is a safe and secure space specifically built for adoptive parents and family members to connect with each other and share their stories. MyTaproot also provides a focused, recommended list of adoption therapists for adoptive parents and relatives to work with, if desired.

According to the Criminal Law of People’s republic of China, the punishment for the crime of child abandonment is five year maximum  imprisonment (Section 8, Article 87). Also, as stated in Section 8, Article 87 (1) The statute of limitation states: “Crimes are not to be prosecuted where the following periods have elapsed: (1) in cases where the maximum legally-prescribed punishment is fixed-term imprisonment of less than five years, where five years have elapsed”. Therefore, there will be no legal prosecution against those birth parents who abandoned their child/ren five years ago. Please Note: This is our understanding as well as interpretation by our Chinese attorneys. However, we recommend all parties consult their own attorney.

MyTaproot will continue searching for you as long as you are a member. A Birth Family Search can be a difficult and prolonged undertaking. We believe that our multifaceted search process is the best way to increase the odds of a match and reunification. It’s important to note that adoptees and their families should not enter this process expecting a quick match. The timing of matches is unpredictable and although some matches may happen within a few weeks of submission, the reality is that many adoptees may never find their birth family. We will stick by you and search with you as long as you need us to.

Members will be able to set their own permissions for how much or how little information they choose to reveal in this process. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more on how MyTaproot shares your information.

As the MyTaproot community grows, it is possible that members may find siblings and other relatives through the BRACE questionnaire system and MapRoot. However, the DNA reports that we ask all members to upload can not definitively identify any match other than birth parent - further testing will be needed to confirm other relative matches.

MyTaproot's BRACE analysis pulls data from two main databases - BaoBei Hui Jia and Hai Wai XunZi - actively comparing demographic, finding, and physical information from not only adoptees, but also birth families in China who are also searching. We are very excited to partner with BaoBei Hui Jia - the largest birth family search charity in China. Bao Bei Hui Jia collects information from birth families who believe their child was a victim of trafficking, while Hai Wai XunZi collects information from birth families who relinquished their children. MyTaproot also may utilize data from other searching services without sharing personal identifying information.  With these databases, MyTaproot hopes to enable a more all-encompassing Birth Family Search.

Your Birth Family Search journey is completely yours to control. You can stop or restart the search process at any time. Please read our Terms of Service for additional information.

MyTaproot will only contact active members with potential match information. We believe that pursuing a Birth Family Search requires an adoptee/adoptive family’s consent. MyTaproot will only contact members who have considered the consequences of pursuing a Birth Family Search, have registered for a search through our service, and have agreed to MyTaproot’s Terms of Service.


The type of testing needed for confirming genetic relatedness between specific individuals consists of a technique known as STR analysis that generates an allele sizing report. STR analysis is a direct relative (i.e. parents and siblings) DNA test. Many of the DNA labs within China currently matching birth parents and their children already perform this standard STR analysis. The resulting allele sizing reports yield results in the universal language of numbers which can then be matched or excluded with a high degree of confidence, regardless of the countries from which the reports are generated.

In very rare cases, MyTaproot members may be requested to fund a DNA test for a potential birth family match - some potential birth relatives may not have the ability to pay for a DNA test.

Chinese DNA labs only match relatives based on specific Allele Sizing DNA reports generated by STR analysis. You are more than welcome to contact the provider of your DNA test to see if they can offer this type of report and use this in place of a MyTaproot report.

When you submit your DNA through Labcorp, Labcorp will send you a DNA report compatible with our lab partners in China. Once you receive this report, we will ask you to upload it to our site where we will then share it with our lab partners in China.

Before sharing, all genetic information on our secure server is anonymized and aggregated. Each report is stripped of all personally identifying information and assigned a unique alphanumeric identifier. This process ensures that no one aside from designated MyTaproot staff will ever be able to identify your DNA. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

All MyTaproot genetic information is anonymized and aggregated before it is sent to our lab partners in China. No one in China will ever be able to identify your genetic information as belonging to you.

If members are presented with a high-probability match through MyTaproot and wish to verify the match with DNA confirmation, MyTaproot will coordinate with China DNA labs to conduct match verification.

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