About Us

MyTaproot represents the culmination of years of hard conversations and inadequate answers to the question that has weighed heavy on the hearts of Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie, co-founders of CCAI: "Can you help me find my birth family?"

MyTaproot is an adoptee-led project created specifically for adoptees searching for their birth roots, based on extensive survey-based input and conversations with both adoptees and adoptive families on what they would like to see in an all-inclusive birth family search service. Our team consists entirely of adoptees, adoptive families, and experts in the adoption, medical, and DNA fields with a wide range of experiences, who have worked extremely hard to build what hopes to be a dynamic, ethical, accessible, and supportive Birth Family Search service.

Why MyTaproot

In our conversations with the adoption community about Birth Family Search, the consensus was that an organized, transparent, accessible, ethical, and supported process was needed. MyTaproot hopes to be the solution.

As Birth Family Searches evolve, MyTaproot strives to meet the ever-changing needs of our members.

Our Mission

MyTaproot's purpose is to be the first large-scale, internationally-coordinated effort thoughtfully designed to provide members with a simplified and straight-forward approach to Birth Family Search, with access to continued clinical support throughout the process and tools to connect with others in their community.

Our Vision

We hope to grow the Birth Family Search community and connect individuals on both sides of the ocean while providing opportunities for adoptees to connect in a safe and supported manner.