Providing a safe and secure place for those who want to discover their birth roots in China.


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If you have ever wondered about pursuing a birth family search in China, MyTaproot is here to help.

MyTaproot is the first large-scale, internationally-coordinated effort that has been thoughtfully designed to provide members with a simplified and straight-forward approach to Birth Family Search, with access to continued clinical support throughout the process and tools to connect with others in the community.

As birth family searches evolve, MyTaproot strives to meet the ever-changing needs of our members. No matter your role in the adoption story, whatever you discover, we hope you find your MyTaproot journey meaningful and healing.

The journey is yours - Stay rooted.

Our Partnerships

Our DNA partners share a real passion and interest in our special objectives within the unique world of Chinese adoption and birth family searches and have specifically adapted to work seamlessly with China's DNA testing processes.

With DNA analysis reports generated that are legal and compatible with China, MyTaproot is uniquely positioned to provide immediate and secure results that you can trust.

BaoBei Hui Jia is the leading Birth Family Search charity service in China, with over 200,000 volunteers and 2,000 successful reunions since 2007. We are honored to call BaoBei Hui Jia our exclusive partners in China Birth Family Search, whose extensive resources in China cannot be understated. With our two teams working together, we have a real opportunity to change Birth Family Search for the better.

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MapRoot - A Visual Guide to Your Community

MapRoot provides a visualization of adoptees and birth families currently searching for their roots. Members have the opportunity to place a pin on their finding location and are able to share information about their personal stories. Each pin represents a search and a story.


A Donor-Funded Project

Thanks to a generous endowment, MyTaproot membership is currently offered free of charge. We believe that birth family search should be supportive, transparent, accessible, and secure for all adoptees who choose to search. Please consider donating today to help us fulfill our mission.

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